Appeals And Reviews Representation In Ottawa

Facing a refusal, deportation, or other serious immigration matter can be overwhelming. At Setzer Immigration Law, we have extensive experience handling all manner of appeals and reviews and are committed to providing our clients with the effective representation that they deserve.

Experienced Appeals And Review Representation

If you have received a refusal or removal order and intend to appeal, it is important to be informed. From adhering to strict timelines to gathering documentation and preparing witnesses, the process can be very complex.

When you meet with our immigration lawyer to discuss your case, we will take the time to understand your circumstances and discuss whether you are in the position to challenge the refusal or seek an alternate form of recourse. At Setzer Immigration Law, we confidently handle a range of appeals cases including:

  • Removal order- A departure, deportation, or exclusion order that requires an individual to leave the country.
  • Sponsorship- The refusal of an application by a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to sponsor a member of their family.
  • Residency obligation- A challenge to an individual’s compliance with permanent residency rules as outlined in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA).
  • Refugee protection- The rejection of claims for refugee protection by the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB).

Providing You With Personal Support

Determining the various ways you may be able to appeal a decision by a visa officer, an immigration officer, or the IRB requires a thorough understanding of the system and the ability to navigate the process quickly and effectively. At Setzer Immigration Law, we stress the importance of getting things right the first time with your visa, permanent residence, or refugee application to avoid the need for an appeal. We also have a deep understanding of the appeals procedures and are committed to working towards achieving a favourable outcome.

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